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Nieuwe FW SAB Titan 1 en 2 Versie 1.4.16 windows
bij SABSATELLIET is nieuwe software 1.4.16 windows aanwezig.

Titan 1 met Emu

Titan 1 zonder Emu

Titan 2 met Emu

Titan 2 zonder Emu

Moderator edit:
Links toegevoegd en topic titel duidelijker gemaakt
Zo wordt het niet duidelijker moderator.
de link moet zijn :
en dus niet dvbstand.
Dus voor de goede orde de 1.4.16 mcas Xwindow en Amstar originele FW bij sabsatellite
en de 1.4.16 ps Xwindow en Amstar emu FW bij DVBStand
Maximum E 85 (5x Black Ultra Twin(28.2/5-23.5-09.0-04.8 Oost- 05.0 West) 1x AlpsTwin (19.2 O) Visiosat Big Bisat(3x Black Ultra Twin(28.2/5-23.5-04.8 Oost) 2x Black Ultra Single(09.0 Oost- 05.0 West) 1x Alps Twin(19.2 O) Triax 78 met CD-Triplesat LNB
3x Axing SPU8100 / 1x Spaun 411F WSG Switches(Alle Diseqc 2.0)
Clarke-Tech HD6600 SST Plus (FW 128p.stb) Clarke-Tech HD4100(FW 138p.stb)  Octagon SF 908G (FW 2.12.15 Hbbtv)
Oke zoals jullie willen dacht dat de meeste met Emu gebruikte dus nu alle twee in het bericht van Johan gezet.
VU+ Duo Open Pli 3.0
TV Samsung 3D 46" ES8000S (Met CI module)
Onkyo TX-SR607 met JBL SCS500.5

Panasonic 38" Full HD
ACRyan HD mini Player

Astra 1,2,3 Hotbird, Visiosat Bi G4 QUADRO 4x Quad LNB
En nu testen!!
Wat zijn de eerste resultaten??smilie
Tuners: SAB: Titan HD micro,SAB Titan FTASC,Pace DSR8141/22:Met multifocus Astra 1-2-3 en Hotbird.

1.4.16 bestond toch al? Azboxhd al gekeken voor TitanI ?
ik denk dat ik morgen nog wel even tijd heb om te testen... maar heb nog weinig positieve berichten gezien..
Hi all,

quite recently I've got SAB Titan 2 and reinstalled with latest amstar software. Everything works but just sometimes receiver crashes and looses CCAM Client sharing settings. I've tried to create hsdata.cfg file with presets but this file also does not get loaded event after succesfull loading from USB drive as after loading it reloads whole receiver (which causes to loose CCCAM server settings). I end-up reentering manually settings 3 to 5 times a day which is very enoying.

For me this looks like hsdata.cfg file has readonly properties and all changes kept in memory only. Does anyone had this type of an issue?

the hsdata cfg file is not good normaly its loading from the usb stick and after the reboot the lines are active.
Did you download the hsdata.cfg from the dvb stand site? look here
and try to load this cfg file .

Evo xfinity
80cm draaibaar 53 graden oost tot 30 graden west.
42 Inch Full Hd Led TV


Yes I did got this one and modified with modified single line and also tried to add another 7. But as I said it loads and then tells that will restart receiver. And after reboot it comes back default settings.

Content of my hsdata.cfg:
# hsdata.cfg
# need copy this file to C: of ur usb stick. then put receiver to read
# cmd -> cfg~lock~hide~pass
# sample cfg~1~1~00000000 means , u will lock the server info menu.
# also hide the server info. the password to watch is 00000000
# cmd -> protocol~host~port~user~pass~des
# sample newcamd~
# sample homecamd~
# sample homecamd2~
# sample cccamd~
# sample nasscamd~

why to you use newcamd ? in the last posting you said lossing the CCcam lines? did you set newcamd in the server menu ? or Cccam ?
Evo xfinity
80cm draaibaar 53 graden oost tot 30 graden west.
42 Inch Full Hd Led TV


(17-10-2011, 15:48 )inbetwee schreef: why to you use newcamd ? in the last posting you said lossing the CCcam lines? did you set newcamd in the server menu ? or Cccam ?

I really ment newcamd protocol, not the CCCAM it self. And in the recerver I am using newcamd protocol as well.
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